Turnkey design services

Managing interior design projects from end-to-end for worldwide customers is what we do best through a tailor-made consulting service. With our wealth of experience, we have become a benchmark in the Italian luxury furniture industry.

Perozzo has been dealing with the international trade of luxury goods for interiors for over 20 years. Thus, the company has developed an entire range of custom services for professional and private customers. Our team cooperates with architects and contractors in the development of interior design projects. In addition, we accompany private customers in choosing high-end pieces of furniture for their homes.


Going in search of craftsmanship excellence, embodying the exclusivity of Italian luxury furniture, is our passion. Once we understand your needs and preferences, we get in touch with our suppliers to find the perfect products for your rooms. These can also be tailor-made to meet your requests. Thanks to our experience and skills, we are able to offer you the best interior design solutions for your home. Their original style will amaze you.

Bespoke items

We are the right partner for the creation of custom luxury pieces of furniture and accessories. If you need something that does not already exist, there is no problem: our team will be able to develop it. Architects and designers we cooperate with will first show you a graphic representation of the given item. Then, it will be produced following your requests. We can provide you with any tailor-made product, such as sofas, furnishings, and home lighting solutions.


We support architects and designers in the transformation of their design concept into reality. During this step, we focus on looking for specific items capable of fitting into the interior projects developed. Hence, we prepare a detailed buy list selecting the best made in Italy furniture and companies for luxury interiors. We scout our wide and growing craftsmen network to add precisely what customers are looking for, bespoke products included.


For each interior design project, we outline an accurate buying plan according to customers’ needs. In this stage, our main goal is fitting the agreed budget offering the expected high-end pieces of furniture. As a consequence, it is paramount to pay the utmost attention in doing the buy list and negotiating each item’s price. As a result, our customers, architects, and contractors save time and energy while keeping costs under control.


Our qualified staff takes charge of collecting goods from suppliers’ warehouses and sending them to customers. The delivery time and method are arranged with end-users, who have not to fill out freight transport documents nor pay custom duties. Indeed, we deal with all these matters to avoid stressing customers and ensure them compliance with the required standards.


Each piece of furniture and accessory is packaged in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations. Our team pays close attention to prevent any damage to the valuable products during transport. To guarantee their perfect condition, they are subject to specific control aimed at examining each part. We do all our best to provide a tailor-made excellent service.


Perozzo is renowned worldwide for the experience gained in the international trade of made in Italy luxury furniture. We have been working in this field for over 20 years and have evolved to respond to its changes. Our knowledge enables us to properly manage each step in the process, including filling out transport documents, paying custom duties, and complying with import/export laws.

White gloves service

Furniture assembly is a key aspect to provide customers with a high-quality solution that meets their needs. For this reason, this task is carried out by experienced staff able to give shape to the luxury interior design project created. Once each item is carefully delivered to the floor, our skilled technicians install everything as quickly as possible and with the utmost care. The result is always astonishing.

Additional Services for private customers

Are you ready to see Italian luxury furniture first-hand? Together, we will discover artisanal masterpieces created by expert high-end companies for exclusive interior design projects. It will be an overwhelming experience.


Would you like to know more about our tailor-made projects? Feel free to call or write us. We will be pleased to answer your questions.